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#LunchSkins2017, Heart-Shaped Treats, and Tidbits...

Happy February!

Happy February! (Amazing Nutella + Hazelnut Cookie recipe below...) Happy February! (Amazing Nutella + Hazelnut Cookie recipe below...)

It may be a short month but we’re off to a great start with news about our upcoming #LunchSkins2017 line launch: we’re going LIVE on March 1st! Fan favorite colors and prints will stick around as staples in our LunchSkins family, but these new beauties are sure to become household favorites for everyone very soon…

A new LunchSkins sandwich bag addition in"Red Birdies" -- part of #LunchSkins2017, coming to on March 1st! A new LunchSkins sandwich bag addition in"Red Birdies" -- part of #LunchSkins2017, coming to on March 1st!

I asked 3greenmoms CEO and Founder Kirsten Quigley the other day what she loves most about our new line of #LunchSkins2017: For LunchSkins 2017, we wanted to go back to our roots… literally! I love that we’ve chosen nature and ‘outdoorsy’ motifs with a whimsical but modern look like sailboats, bicycles, and bears… and the earth tones we’ve steered towards are sure to make a statement when out and about.”

If you’ve been following any of our #LunchSkins2017 Instagram (@LunchSkins) posts, you’ll already know I’m in love with our “charcoal bear” print LunchSkins sandwich bag. Isn’t he just darling?

"Exit, pursued by a bear..." "Exit, pursued by a bear..."

The new gallon size LunchSkins zip bag will also become a staple in my own kitchen, since I’m always on the hunt for ways to store produce and bulk items in my fridge and on the go at the grocery store without resorting to those yucky, flimsy produce bags. Seriously… who knows how long those have been there and what’s living on them? #cringeworthy

These new zip LunchSkins are a GALLON of fun and then some! These new zip LunchSkins are a GALLON of fun and then some!

Have any excitement or thoughts to share about the upcoming #LunchSkins2017 line? Be sure to let us know on social media (@LunchSkins everywhere but Twitter where we’re @LunchSkinsBags) and use our launch hashtag to get our attention!

P.S. — the heart-shaped cookies I made for this blog (and to eat with reckless abandon) are based on a DELICIOUS recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Linzer Heart Cookies by Smitten Kitchen (one of my favorites). By “based on,” I mean to say “I tried and failed miserably so here’s a second-best version of my own. My cookie dough consistency was either too sticky and wouldn’t come up from the counter or too floury and cracked and flaked everywhere… but they’re still delicious!

In other news…

We believe in BREAKFAST! … especially when breakfast is a huge slice of this Spinach-Packed Turmeric Egg Bake recipe by blogger Pumps & Iron!

Speaking of breakfast (and snacking): it’s VERY hard to find a good healthy protein bar minus the junk ingredients these days. We’ve got a few favorite brands like Perfect Bar but sometimes it’s fun to make your own. Try this no-bake recipe from MindBodyGreen for Vegan No-Bake Protein Bars loaded with nuts, seeds, rolled oats, and dried fruit for a sweet kick.

When it comes to packing lunch and eating on the go, it’s very easy to throw your green ideals under the bus for convenience. Trust me, I’m there with you almost every day. But these tips on packing a Waste Free Lunch (including LunchSkins reusable bags!) from the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation will help reinvigorate your commitment to a healthier lunch AND a healthier world!

While the season’s still somewhat chilly (what’s going on with the weather lately?!), take advantage of high-vitamin citrus fruits mixed with savory favorites like salmon and avocado with this Glowing Citrus, Avocado, and Blackened Salmon Salad by Half Baked Harvest.

The most important news of the month… we should be eating cocoa for breakfast, according to MindBodyGreen. Who knew?

Ever wonder why whales do those amazing Free Willy leaps into the air? Don’t worry, I never really had either but scientists have and they’ve finally figured out WHY whales exhibit this behavior (hint: it has to do with communication).

Confession time: I’m a wannabe green thumb. I WANT to grow dozens of beautiful plants in my tiny, dark apartment but I just don’t have much talent in the foliage department. BUT… these 7 Houseplants That Clean Your Air from The Kitchn are making me feel that itch again… wish me luck!

With the global climate (literally and metaphorically) on the hotplate, we’re diving even more into news and stories about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, starting with this fascinating article from Scientific American: Sea Unworthy. #FightPlasticPollution!

Wishing everyone a beautiful Thursday and hoping for a lovely weekend!

-- The LunchSkins Crew