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New Product Launch + Our Favorite Stories from the Weekend

Who is ready for #LunchSkins2017?!

Easy, green + stylish... on-the-go! Easy, green + stylish... on-the-go!

It’s nearly March 1st and we’re just hours away from the release of our beautifully-designed, totally awesome 2017 line of LunchSkins! You’ve seen the sneak peeks on our Instagram, fawned over the Facebook previews… and now they’re finally here (almost)!

A new LunchSkins sandwich bag addition in"Red Birdies" -- part of #LunchSkins2017, coming to on March 1st! Snack time gets an update with #LunchSkins2017.

Until tomorrow, here are some of our favorite links, recipes, and stories from the past few days…

Feeling a bit under the weather? (Or over the weather in my case… ALLERGIES, ALREADY?!) I’m giving this Cold-Busting Blood Orange Turmeric Tea Latte immediately! (It’s Vegan + Paleo Friendly, too!)

Never wear white to another person’s wedding… UNLESS you have a really good excuse like this adorable Beluga Whale that photobombed the happy couple during a wedding at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut! 

"I came because I heard Raffi was playing!" (image source: "I came because I heard Raffi was playing!" (image source:

As any parent knows, finding time to do ANYTHING for yourself can be, well… what’s another word for totally impossible? But if you’re looking for ways to squeeze in a workout when you’ve got little ones, check out how The Blonde Ponytail Work Outs with Her Preschooler!

Are your beloved houseplants looking dry, droopy, or losing their foliage? Well.. mine are. And I tried so hard this time! I’m bookmarking this handy, illustrated chart by A Pair and A Spare DIY to help figure out What’s Wrong With My Plant to fix the problem before it becomes a problem next time.

Don’t know about you, but I’m looking to get the most out of my slow-cooker while the weather’s still chilly! This Vegan Slow-Cooker Chickpea Tikka Masala recipe may be just the ticket for a busy evening.

And speaking of getting the most use out of winter in the kitchen… squash is on the menu while it’s still around at the store and ready to be fried up into delicious Spiralized Butternut Squash Fritters (recipe by our fabulous friend Leah, who is the genius behind the blog Leah’s Plate)!

Brace yourselves: now we can sit on toadstools like they’re ACTUAL chairs! Ecovative makes furniture first by growing their own building materials from mushrooms, or rather their roots (called mycelium), which can form just about any shape! Find out more about this fantastic process and see the furniture!

"Exit, pursued by a bear..." We can BEAR-ly contain our excitement for #LunchSkins2017!!

We are SO excited about the launch of our brand new line of easy, green + stylish LunchSkins on March 1st on our website! We’re welcoming all LunchSkins fans to share their excitement about #LunchSkins2017 with the world on social media! Be sure to tag @LunchSkins (Instagram, Facebook; or @LunchSkinsBags on Twitter) to join in the eco-friendly fun!

— the 3greenmoms team