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We accept all major credit cards and PayPal .


Does 3greenmoms ship outside of the USA?

Yes we do! We proudly ship to Canada. Please contact for information about placing orders to countries other than Canada.


What is 3greenmom's Return policy?

Please visit our customer service page.


What if I forget my password?

Simply click Login at the top of the home page and click Forgot Your Password? and follow the instructions to receive an email to reset your password.


How do I view/edit/update my contact and / or account information and track my orders?

Simply Login and you will be taken to account information page where you can edit all of your information:

1. Update Contact information: change your email address and password
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What are LunchSkins made of?

LunchSkins are made from a quick drying fabric that is coated with a food-safe polyurethane liner. This unique high-quality fabric was originally manufactured for pastry bags used in bakeries, restaurants and home kitchens. Additionally, LunchSkins are grease-proof and moisture proof making them ideal for messy sandwiches and snacks.


Do you recommend I wash my Lunchskins Bag before using it?

Yes, per our wash and care instructions on our packaging we recommend that you wash and dry your Lunchskins bag thoroughly before using or storing.


How long will my Lunchskin bags last?

Some say forever! We still have a few floating around our home that are 5 years old and well loved.  While LunchSkins are extremely durable and can last for years, we hope you refresh your supply annually.  But don't throw the old ones out! Just retire them for other uses, like holding spare change, gift cards, small game pieces, school supplies, and extra stuff in your car, purse or backpack.


Will the inside (white) of my Lunchskins bag discolor?

While LunchSkins are extremely durable and can last for years, LunchSkins are made from a quick-drying fabric, essentially they are still fabric. Too, the inside fabric is white, and white can discolor over time or when coming into contact with certain foods or other items in the dishwasher. We recommend spot treating any stains with dish soap and a small brush, or, washing them inside out in the washing machine. 


What makes LunchSkins food-safe?

We regularly put LunchSkins through rigorous testing by independent labs. They have been certified as lead, Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalate-free. LunchSkins meet federal and state, including California, consumer product safety requirements.


Are LunchSkins Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, LunchSkins are top-rack dishwasher safe - simply drape the bag (inside out if particularly messy) over the tines. Because of their origins in the food industry, they are very durable and can withstand high heat cleaning. This makes them perfect for repeated use. We recommend that LunchSkins be washed before first use and, while lightweight and fast-drying, remove them from the dishwasher promptly and make sure they are dried completely before using with food. In addition, we do not recommend storing food in LunchSkins for longer than a few hours in high humidity environments, like the refrigerator.  Finally, expect LunchSkins to soften and fade with use and multiple washings - just like a pair of favorite old jeans. Click to watch our "How to clean your LunchSkins" video.


Are LunchSkins just for food?

We don’t think so. LunchSkins are a great for many things because they offer the same convenience as a familiar plastic baggie, but are easily washable and durable for a range of uses. The design is based on that of common zippered baggies, so a traditional pb&j sandwich fits perfectly within the 6 x 6 inch pouch; cookies, crackers and fruit fit nicely within the snack size; and the big size will hold a stuffed hoagie. They have so many practical and creative uses. Here is what our customers tell us........lipsticks, dog treats, wallet and keys, ice for boo-boos, pacifiers, baby toiletries, travel cosmetic case, and any other treats or loose messy items we want to fashionably stash away.


Will my kids bring them home?

Yes, but take a few steps to help them. First, personalize your LunchSkins with a permanent marker on the nameplate. Remind the little ones that lunchskins are not trash, only their leftovers are.


Why are LunchSkins considered a green product?

To be worthy of the term "green", a product must offer some environmental benefit. Here is how LunchSkins stack up: they are durable and reusable and replace single-use bags that end up in landfills. The plastic sandwich bags you've used for years take up space in landfills and often end up in the waterways where your family loves to swim.  Each LunchSkin bag is produced only once but can be used hundreds of times thereby reducing pollution and waste. 1 Lunchskins Bag = 500+ Plastic Bags!


How is 3greenmoms minimizing its carbon footprint?

Here are a few of the steps we are taking to reduce the carbon footprint of our company: we are primarily paper-free with the majority of bills and business conducted online, we use minimal packaging in our shipments, we print promotional materials on recycled materials with a local printing company, we use compact fluorescent bulbs and low flow faucets, and we often bike to our office or work from home.


Wondering who took our beautiful photos?

John Hoover of John Hover Photo Images, Jacqueline Patton of Jacqueline Photography, and Lanie Kinze of The Crystal Lenz.


gift card faqs

Can I email and / or print my gift cards?

Yes. You can select to purchase an email gift card or select a print gift card.

Do gift cards expire?

No. Neither virtual nor printed gift cards expire.

Can I redeem my gift card for cash?

No. Gift cards are not redeemable for cash except as required by law.

Can I redeem my card online?

Yes gift cards can be used for online purchases.

Can I redeem my card in stores where Lunchskins products are sold?

No. Gift cards can only be used online at

How to redeem your gift card.

To redeem and use it the cart, right before the checkout you simply need enter the gift card code and click “Activate” and the gift card amount will be automatically deducted from the cart total.

Where can I find the full terms and conditions for my gift card?

Full terms and conditions are available at 3greenmoms Legal

Is there an additional cost for gift cards bought online?

No. There is no additional cost for gift cards bought online, and there are no activation, service or inactivity fees.

Do you charge a service fee? Does my card expire?

No, our cards never expire and we have never assessed a service fee to use our gift cards or for inactivity.