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We believe that ONE bag can make a BIG difference.  In fact, we believe that one LunchSkins bag can do more than just one thing.  What if one special bag could reduce your plastic footprint AND give back to a non-profit dedicated to the global problem of plastic pollution?  Our cause bag does just that.  In 2015, we designed our first cause bag – a beautiful blue seabird inspired by the Albatross on Midway Island - and gave back 10% of the proceeds to support our mission-partner, 5 Gyres.  Going forward, we will create one special LunchSkins design each year that symbolizes 'why we do what we do’.   A visual reminder that single-use plastic is a global problem and that we have a simple solution.  Each year, this special bag will support the shared values of our mission-partners.  


This year, we joined forces with both 5 Gyres and the Sea Turtle Conservancy to support clean oceans AND healthy sea life.  Our 2016 cause bag features a sea turtle, a beautiful (and well loved) animal at risk because of plastic pollution and many other issues like commercial fishing, habitat loss, illegal hunting and shell trade.  It is estimated that more than 100 million marine animals are killed each year because of plastic waste in our oceans.*  Specifically, thousands of sea turtles who mistake floating plastic bags for food, like jellyfish, which is a main part of their diet.  When they swallow this plastic debris, turtles can become sick and starve.

What can you do?  Join us by refusing disposable plastic and choosing reusable options like our sea turtle Lunchskins sandwich bag.  10% of the proceeds from this bag will support 5 Gyres and Sea Turtle Conservancy and the important work they do to protect our oceans and sea creatures.  Who knows, by using LunchSkins and other reusable products you may just save a sea turtle!

For more information about our mission partners and sea turtle conservation groups, please follow the links below:

• 5 Gyres Institute
• Sea Turtle Conservancy
• Wide Cast
• Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center
• South Carolina Aquarium


* Sea Turtle Conservancy